When you choose North Casting Industry for our steel casting service, our company can accommodate all of the rest of your production needs. As a trusted steel casting manufacturer, North Casting offers a number of crucial secondary services, including industrial painting.

Coating Experience

Whatever product painting goals your company may have, North Casting can accommodate your needs. For more than 25 years, North Casting’s industrial painting facility has provided customers with superb paint and finish on a wide range of manufactured parts. Each industrial painting job consists of an expert cleaning and inspection prior to paint application. After coating millions of parts of all different sizes and colors, you can count on North Casting to provide exceptional results.

Color Selection

For many companies, the color of your parts is as important as the brand itself. North Casting has a complete range of paint colors and finishes for every customer’s needs.

North Casting’s Devotion to Excellence

You need a smooth, even coating on your parts to ensure maximum protection and visual impact. Whether your parts are large or small, North Casting can handle your industrial painting job with precision and speed. All of the parts we treat go through a rigorous inspection process. North Casting’s professional product inspection management team has a wide array of top-of-the-line inspection tools that they use to ensure your parts have been painted effectively and with uniform precision. We keep up-to-date with the latest industrial painting standards for your industrial and commercial painting needs.

See What North Casting Can Do For You!

Experience the difference in product quality and process control with North Casting. Our attention to detail will speak for itself. For all of your steel casting production needs, choose North Casting Industry. Contact us online or call 309-643-1902 today!

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