Sand Casting Process
Sand Casting Process

The sand casting process, as its name implies, utilizes wood or aluminum patterns to create sand molds to cast metal parts. It is perhaps the most widely used steel casting process on Earth and it is particularly popular to the automobile, construction equipment and commercial vehicle industries. Across all industries, sand casting is valued for its ability to generate both large and intricate parts.

Why Choose Sand Casting?

Customers appreciate sand casting for a number of reasons. Here are some of the benefits of the sand casting process:

  • Ability to produce large parts
  • Ability to follow complicated designs
  • Low tooling and equipment costs
  • Many material options
  • Possibility of a shorter lead time

Our Sand Casting Capacity

Our resin sand casting process caters to the production of highly complex shapes as well as very large parts. North Casting’s annual sand casting capacity is more than 18,500 tons (17,000 metric tonnes). The weight of these parts ranges from 130 lbs (60 kg) to 6.6 tons (6 tonnes).

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