North Casting Industry is the only company you need to manufacture your steel parts. If the production of your cast or forged products requires machining to ensure proper tolerances, stress control, or surface finishing, North Casting can make it happen. Our company’s efficient machining process can remove unwanted material quickly and with precision. Our aim is to offer assembly-ready cast or forged parts in nearly any desired shape or finish for clients worldwide.

Why North Casting?

When you need to remove material from your steel parts or have geometry that is just not cost effective to be made as a casting, North Casting is equipped to do the machining needed to get the end product you need. We use state-of-the-art CNC technology and manufacturing equipment to give our clients the best machining results possible.

The CNC Machining Advantage

North Casting chose to invest in CNC machining for its efficiency and precision. CNC machining allows for increased efficiency because machines and software do all the work, which reduces the workload and number of errors in production. It also guarantees our clients will have exact results every time. This is critical in today’s world of standardized and interchangeable parts. And because CNC machines can work around the clock, this ensures North Casting keeps up with the demands of our clients.

Milling Machines

North Casting has several CNC milling machines in operation, which allows our company to create slots, chamfers, pockets, complex contours, flat surfaces and holes in products with the finishes and tolerances desired by our customers.

Benefits of Milling Machines

  • Compatibility with most metals
  • Good surface finish
  • A long tool life
  • Good tolerances
  • Short lead times

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