Investment Casting
Investment Casting

The practice of investment casting, also known as “lost-wax” casting, dates back thousands of years. It is actually one of the oldest metal-casting techniques known to man. For millennia, the investment casting process has allowed for the duplication of metal and alloy parts. From steel tools to turbine blades, these manufactured parts serve various functions and can be used across many different industries.

Benefits of Investment Casting

Because the investment casting technique is accurate, repeatable, and versatile, it can provide clients with several benefits:

  • Excellent for complex shapes and fine details
  • “As Cast” parts can be made to have high quality surface finishes reducing or in some cases eliminating machining
  • Accuracy allowing for tighter tolerances and better design optimization
  • Usually a lower per part cost than other mid to low volume casting methods
  • High strength/stress parts

Our Investment Casting Capacity

Our annual investment casting capacity is more than 18,500 tons (17,000 metric tonnes), with the weight of the parts ranging from 4 oz (0.1 kg) to 130 lbs (60 kg).

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